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Admin/Moderators Wanted


We’re looking for some new people to help SimicideGirls as we undergo a few changes. We are currently looking for a reliable admin who is skilled in: 

  • preferably Photoshop, but any graphic editor program
  • HTML coding
  • can make CC (any kind of CC)

In our moderators, we want:

  • Some skill in a graphic editor program
  • can post regularly
  • a great communicator

Just send us a message if you’re interested with some qualifications.

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But no matter what, Mama Jillian loves her beyond all reason.

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And here she is all toddlerfied.

*scratches chin thoughtfully*

Hmmm…Jillian’s hair, Clue’s eyes and what appears to be his face in general.

Pretty cute overall. She can stick around.

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And after a rigorous and excruciating two minutes of pushing, along came a baby, floating in on a wave of sparkles..

Let’s give a big Simblr welcome to Alina Michele Oh!

Jillian would rather admire her theoretical wedding ring (yep, I married them) than admire her child.

Kudos, Jillian. Kudos.

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And when the time came, Clue handled it like a champ. Yep.

"Jillian, what do you need, darling?"

"What I need is to go to the hospital, you stupid bint!"

"Darling, while I applaud your incorporating British insults into your vocabularly, a bint is usually a term reserved for the ladies of…"


"Oh shit, calling me by my birth name. Right, off to the hospital. Hopefully I remember the correct side of the road to drive on."

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Clue is also excited. Absolutely unequivocally scared shitless, but excited. 

I’m sure he’ll handle Jillian’s labor like a pro.

*laughs uproariously*

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The nursery for Jillian and Clue’s baby girl, decorated courtesy Remy Mahelona.

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Jillian is ready to be a mama.

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