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"I did a little evening out, and oh yeah…I quit my job."

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Gray gave herself a haircut…

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I’ve been going through my CC reblog blog and there are a lot of simblrs that have been hacked. Like wow.

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Tawny tried something different and I must say…

I don’t like it.

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My girls, in no particular order.

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Pug goes crazy in his first ball pit!

tgif mudda fuckas 

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claudeharpemakessims replied to your post “I need to get his off my chest”

You can shoot me a message any time. I don’t hate anyone or have any desire to. Its to powerful of an emotion and I don’t have the energy. I’d rather explore a universe of friendship without guilt.

Huh, the word hate is a really strong word. Don’t think I used it, but eh. Thanks so much love. I really appreciate it. :)