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Heyyoo!! I rly like it okay I think it’s cute! And ur dimples are adorable too just don’t listen to tha haters (^3^)

Thank you love bug! You’re super sweet.

Funny story about the dimples. I’m one of four (my dad had three other kids before meeting my mother).

My eldest brother has two dimples, my sister has one on one side, my other brother has one on the opposite side to her, and I have both. Dimples apparently were given to the cuter of the siblings. 😏

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Ahh I totally understand like I wanted to get my hair cut really short and all my friends told me not too because then I would look like a boy it’s just irritating because I would have to deal with judgmental looks all the time if I did and ugh.

I’ve spent my whole teenage life trying to be like everyone else and now at nearly 23, I’m kind of like “fuck you guys, I’ma do what I want”. I just with people wouldn’t care so much. You’d look cute with a super short cut. Go for it.

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simsl3gacies replied to your photoset “Been two weeks since I got my septum done. I honestly forget I have…”

I dunno, I like it. It’s subtle. And I assume you’d be able to switch it out with another piece if and when you wanted something more obvious. It’s hard not to care what people think tho, I get that.

Yes and thank you. I want more noticeable jewelry, but for the first thing, why would I want to pull a lot of attention? I already have my nostril pierced. Together it’s far too much bling.

It’s not so much what they say, because I respect their opinions. I mean, I showed them. It’s more about how they say it. Using words like “stupid” or “ugly” or “crazy” makes it offensive.

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It looks fine! My family is the same way. Just “do what you love, and f*ck the rest.” Life’s easier that way. ;-)

Agreed! TBH, the only one in my family that knows about it is my mother. 😝

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OH MY GOSH I LOVE IT! I don’t know what your “friends” are talking about it looks hella badass!

Ha, thanks. Glad you like it. I honestly forget it’s there. My work friends are actually pretty chill about it for the most part, but they’re really opinionated. I don’t like being judged for something that was my choice, which I know is something that happens to those with body modifications in genera (I do it too sometimes). We just feel attacked at times and it’s frustrating. Like, why do they care so much?

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Been two weeks since I got my septum done. I honestly forget I have it. I personally love it. It’s small, it’s simple, and discrete. I do, however, hate the negative comments I have gotten from those around me.

A friend of mine also got hers done about a week or so ago and we have been getting negative feedback from the people we consider [wor] friends. I actually care a lot about what people think, but I’ve begun to get over that in these past two weeks. People have asked me “why would I do something like that to myself?” They’d tell me that it was ugly, Why would I get a piercing they couldn’t see? If I’m going to flip it up, why get it at all? That they hoped it hurt or that they didn’t believe me when I said it didn’t. I’ve been told multiple times that it looks like a booger, and tbh, I don’t know what kind of booger is made out of steel.

People are too quick to judge on appearance. I do not look like a bull. I do not look “emo” or “gothic”. My face has changed, but my demeanor has not. Just…people, ugh!

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Ebola Jokes

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Why Does Kanye Look Like Ghetto Aang?

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Angel gives you duckface kisses goodnight ♥

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